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We are College Liftoff–your college planning solution. We’re here to secure your teen’s brightest future…all while saving your precious, hard earned money (so you can live your best life after your kids go off to college).

Exclamation - College Planning Problem

The College Planning Problem

College is so different today than it was 25 years ago. So you can’t plan for it the same old way.

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The College Planning Solution

We work with your teen one-on-one throughout the entire college planning process–start to finish.

Why Our Work Works

No one is quite like your child. So we personalize our work with our students, taking their special interests and talents into account. That way we can help them develop their very best college plan.

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The Right Education at Any Stage

Everyone has the right to pursue their passions, no matter their circumstances or stage in life. That’s why we offer personalized educational support to meet your teen wherever they are.

College Liftoff Who We Are

Who We Are

We are Ohio’s premier college planning specialists–a team of college planning advisors and professionals committed to putting your family’s needs first. As a result, we save you time, stress and money when it comes to college planning. And we love doing it. Meet our team, and let us tell you why we’re passionate about launching your child to success.

Making the Future Bright for Our Community

We are committed to securing teens’ brightest futures, and there’s no better place to start than within our own community.

College Talk Podcast

College Talk

It seems like everyone’s talking about college these days. With all the news and opinions circulating, we’d like to introduce you to “Affording College”–our podcast, blog and YouTube channel devoted to college news, numbers, facts, and opinions.

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