Ah, the Dream School. Every student has one.

Dream Schools can be based on many things–sports teams, the weather, legacies (i.e. a parent or older sibling went there), a reputation for being either “prestigious” or a “party school”… and so much more.

Some students come to us looking for advice on how to get into said Dream School. These students, and their parents, are looking for a “secret formula” to ensure their acceptance into said Dream School.

However, sometimes we have to burst their bubble tell them the truth–there is no “secret formula” to getting into a particular school.

Anyone, college planner or otherwise, who claims to know the “secret formula” for admissions into certain colleges is 100 percent selling you something they can’t deliver.

On top of the ethical problem of promising such an undeliverable (and taking your money in the process), these companies are missing one very important point:

What if Dream School isn’t the right school for your son or daughter?

What if it’s not the best value, or won’t lead to a higher chance of hire-ability in his or her field after graduation?

Now, don’t get me wrong–there are times when your student’s vision of a “dream school” is the right school for him or her. And there are others when it’s not.

What we do is work with your students to find their best career path, the best programs that fit that career path, and the best value for their education. Oftentimes, as a result, students wind up with an entirely new vision of the dream school.

And this is the one that’s based on a real return on investment–and is best poised to launch them to their future success.