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The College Planning Problem

College is so different today than it was 25 years ago. With thousands of schools and hundreds of majors out there to choose from, it’s totally overwhelming.

And what’s more is that the cost of college has risen more than a thousand percent. Student loan debt is a trillion dollar problem. That means that the wrong college decisions can have a dire impact on your or your child’s future:

  • Too much student loan debt can impact your child’s ability to buy a car or a home (even years down the road!) or rent a suitable apartment.
  • The wrong degree from the wrong school can lead to your child’s underemployment.
  • Spending too much on a school can leave you with less retirement savings or having to put off your future goals, as a parent.
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So, what can you do?

You want to help your children find the right college, but where do you start? What is the right college for your child?

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The College Planning Solution

Imagine a world where you could negotiate college costs, attend a private school for less than in-state tuition (!!!), and really find the school and career path best for your child. That’s the College Liftoff Experience.

We are Ohio’s premier college planning consultants.

Our mission is to secure your teen’s brightest future, and save you thousands of dollars along the way.

To do that, we work with your teen one-on-one throughout the entire college planning process, starting with 40 hours of personalized, one-on-one career development work. From there we work with your student on finding the best schools with programs that match their best career path.

We then guide your student through the entire admissions process–even crafting the perfect college essays with our top-notch College Liftoff Writing Center. Next, we work with your family budget to find a price that makes sense for your child’s education, all while ensuring it’s the right “fit.”

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Why Our Work Works

No one is quite like your child. So we personalize our work with our students, taking their special interests and talents into account. That way we can help them develop their very best college plan. As a result, we help our students not only receive the most scholarship money, but find their best fitting programs in universities that offered a smarter cost structure.

Our work “works” for every teen. There is no typical student College Liftoff works with. Over the years, we have helped students from across the country (and even overseas!) pursue hundreds of majors. Our work can be done both virtually or face-to-face just the same, so we can cater to your family’s location, schedule and needs.

And if your teen has special considerations, for example, a student athlete considering eligibility, an artist considering art school, or a student with learning differences navigating an IEP/504 plan, our college planning experts will work with them one-on-one to develop a plan for success!

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