We are committed to securing teens’ brightest futures, and there’s no better place to start than within our own community. Through our social impact division, College Liftoff Gives, we offer college-readiness workshops and curriculum for teens in youth programs and learning centers throughout the community. The future belongs to today’s youth, and we want to launch them to success.

Here are the organizations in which we maintain current/ongoing projects:

College Liftoff in the community

I would like to thank everyone for bringing College Liftoff to our students. As we all know, most (of our) high schoolers aren’t typical–they are in 9th grade despite their ages. They have been in the U.S. for less than two years and are at risk of aging out of school before gaining the skills necessary to pass the OGTs or even a GED.

Prior to College Liftoff’s first visit, as reported to me by students, no one had ever mentioned the possibility of college to this group of students. Never. They didn’t even know it was an option.

Students excitedly attended the Columbus State tour this week. The speaker was informative and gave them hope–I overheard one student saying “If I want to come here, I should probably work harder in school.” Other students were excited about the cafeteria and one asked the tour guide about parties. In other words, typical high schoolers’ excitement about college!

Again–thank you!

Jennifer Drury
Site Coordinator, ETSS

Volunteer & Support

In addition to this work, we volunteer with and support nonprofit organizations, school organizations, and other organizations working with teens who align with our mission of securing our children’s brightest futures.

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