We Want What's Best for Your Child

The college selection process is nothing short of a perfect storm. A highly-charged moment triggering unprecedented financial implications all wrapped in a blanket of confusion. For most families, these are uncharted waters. 
We are the voice of reason. Our families come to us to help them balance an emotional decision with discipline, logic, and expertise. They want what’s best for their child. We want what’s best for their child. Together, we are ALL-IN.

“If we could give IN 10 stars we would. They are simply the best at what they do and no other college planning program is as comprehensive. The services they provide include, but are not limited to, Career Planning, How to Find the School with the Best Fit, Admissions Support and College Funding. Each student’s experience is unique – for example, our son began the program in November of his senior year of high school. Because of his late start, he participated in what IN—The College Planning Experts calls their “Boot Camp” program. Our daughter, on the other hand, saw first hand all the benefits her brother was receiving and couldn’t wait to get started. She began the program her junior year of high school. Both children worked hard and were rewarded because of it. They each earned scholarships and because of the funding strategies they learned throughout the program, both will graduate nearly debt-free from out of state universities (son – $1,700, daughter – $4,000). That financial freedom and will allow them more opportunities upon graduation than if they were burdened with student loans. However, the most important advantage our children received from IN—The College Planning Experts is the confidence in knowing why they are pursuing their chosen major, and what they are “buying” with the money they are spending on college. To us, this is priceless, because so many high school seniors have no idea what they want to do, or why they are going to the college they chose. They are paying thousands of dollars without even knowing what or even if they will receive a return on their investment.”

Jackie Jones

Parent of Kayleigh, Pickerington Central High School Class of 2018 & Chance, Pickerington Central High School Class of 2016

"I used this company for our third child leaving for college. I wish I had done it with all three of our children. She left for college with a clear understanding of her "why" and is able to use that to motivate herself in college coursework. Well done IN -- thank you!"

Carol Clinton

parent of Maeve, Class of 2017

"Awesome organization that takes the stress out of the challenge of finding the best schools for your child without breaking the bank. Good personalized advice that helps you get the best value from your college dollar."

Chris Palagano

parent of Jessica (Class of 2015) and Kelsey (Class of 2018)

“Thank you for IN—The College Planning Experts, perhaps the best business I’ve come across in a long time…I had interviewed other “college counselling” companies but they didn’t offer the professionalism and decision making structure offered through IN—The College Planning Experts. As soon as our daughter started the program, my anxiety went down by about 80 percent and I know she felt better. She also made her final decision based on the value framework you laid out for us. We’re smart enough to know we had no idea how to choose a college, and we are immensely happy with the decision Trixie made thanks to everyone at IN—The College Planning Experts.”

Kathy Abbott

Parent of Trixie, CL Class of 2019

“I knew IN—The College Planning Experts would be the best fit for Carl and our family after a lot of research, and then meeting in person. The advisors were amazingly patient and encouraging with Carl. He’s on the autism spectrum, which posed some unique challenges in the process, but they were able to provide the individualized career planning and college admissions support he needed.”

Devita Streva

Parent of Carl, CL Class of 2019

“IN--The College Planning Experts indeed spearheaded our son in the right direction. During our free of charge consultation our son was leaning on the side of not wanting to assist college. When we finished our 2 hr meeting with Aaron Greene our son turned to us and said "Guys, looks like i'm going to college." 2 years later in August of 2020 he will be attending Capital University with 98% of tuition cost completely paid only under $1,700 fees left to pay on his tuition. The amazing work that Juleanna Smith did being an amazing coaching advisor to our son during those two years was very professional and dedicated and helped him get seven university offers with scholarships. I highly recommend placing your teenage high schoolers on a guided higher education path with IN."

Mike Ortega

parent of Seth, Class of 2020