Alexandra Greene

Back when I was a college-bound teen, I applied to schools I thought would have fun parties, warm weather, and football games. I never once considered they might not even have my desired major. I found that out after I went off to college, and as a result was unprepared to pursue my dream career. Eventually, I switched gears and got my real estate license.

As a Realtor, I began working with clients well into adulthood saddled with so much student loan debt they struggled to qualify to buy a modest home. It really hit me that their parents must’ve thought they were doing all they could to ensure their children’s success…only to unknowingly set them up for hardship in life by doing it the wrong way.

I knew there had to be a better way.

When I met College Liftoff founder Aaron Greene, I knew he had created the better way. I became incredibly impassioned to help spread the word about how we can do college better–the right way–to help launch young people to success.

As College Liftoff’s Communications Director, I get to do just that. I am passionate about changing the way our society “does” higher education, and work tirelessly to change our society’s narrative…and make the future bright.

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