Christopher Heaney

Like most students after graduating high school, I didn’t know in what direction I wanted to go career wise. However, I was told that the next and only step was college… and that I didn’t have to know my exact my path in order to start attending. This advice cost me a year of college tuition… because during my second semester of college, I decided to pursue a degree in graphic design, which was a four-year competitive program. Once again, I was given more bad advice: I was told that majoring in the arts would never pay the bills. (Thankfully, I didn’t take this advice because graphic design paid all my bills after only a year into the program.)

While still in college, Aaron hired me on as a graphic design intern. I accepted the job because from my experience going through college, I knew there was a huge education problem when it came to planning for college that I personally found my high school and college guidance counselors could not fill. Many of my friends were taking on huge amounts of debt for degrees that they were no longer passionate about… or, they were taking on more debt than expected to switch majors.

At College Liftoff I strive to educate our clients on how to plan for college through my work so, they can enter college with a clear road map from start to finish and find a job that they enjoy.

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