Emma Mote

My journey with College Liftoff began in the Fall of 2016, when I joined the staff as a marketing intern. After just a few short months with CL, I knew I wanted to affect change in this world, and I transitioned into advisory work. I made the jump because our mission at CL is something I wished I had heard as a high schooler.

When I was planning for college, my plan began and ended with “fit.” Ohio State had a great football team, my high school buddies were going there, and that just about checked every box in my mind. But when I got there, I had never felt so lost. Throughout high school, I had consistently been told “not to worry” about what I wanted to pursue as a career. Within the first semester, I realized what a grave mistake this was. I really lacked direction to connect me to the real reason I was at college–to learn a skill set and secure a job I loved afterwards.

With luck, by the end of freshman year, I happened into the right degree path for me, which was a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication. However, that lack of direction my freshman year cost me, and manifested in taking a fifth year to graduate–aka, an extra year of tuition! I was lucky to find the right career path for me, but many others aren’t. It’s silly that as a society, we habitually leave a decision worth $80-250k up to chance. That’s why I am so passionate about working with our clients at College Liftoff–to help them find the right school at the right price!

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