John Krulcik

My wife has reminded me that after four decades of a successful large corporation accounting/finance career, I am failing retirement badly. But she also is quick to comment that my role as CFO for College Liftoff ranks at the top of the most important roles in my career.

My journey to College Liftoff began with my first hand knowledge that too many college students and graduates were accumulating crushing loads of student debt but facing career job prospects with limited compensation to pay off the debt. This was a huge national problem that I wanted to add my business experience to solving before I retired. But how?

Fortunately, early in 2016 I was introduced to Aaron Greene and the College Liftoff process of linking career choices and college selection to a basic Return On Investment evaluation. Aaron’s thinking and process were game changing by allowing families to make fact based decisions on career, college selection and the post secondary education cost to achieve the career objectives. No one else was doing this and I knew wanted and could help Aaron grow his business to allow more families to benefit from the College Liftoff process.

Today, at College LIftoff, we are helping more families than ever take the mystery out of their childrens’ post secondary education decisions. An indicator of the value of our work is validated frequently by the number of new client referrals by past clients and by the number of families who are repeat clients.

I’m not ready to retire yet. Having too much fun helping with the important work of College Liftoff!

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