Sara Kapaj

Being a first generation college student, I was unaware of the world of college while simultaneously figuring out which college and program to choose for myself. After researching the best options for my college degree, I not only graduated with no debt, but created a surplus through scholarships, financial aid and an on-campus job at the end of my four years.

It was during my on-campus job that I realized my passion to help students transition to college. With my role as a Peer Leader, I supported over 250 first year students from orientation through their first year at Ohio State. Seeing students stress over their major, financial aid and if they made the right decision, I knew I wanted to help students before getting to this stage: before already spending thousands of dollars on a degree that didn’t align with their career goals or spend it an institution that didn’t have the programs they were interested in.

Now, as a College Liftoff Advisor, I am able to support students in exploring these paths during high school. No longer are we stuck thinking the only possible careers are teachers, doctors and lawyers. There is a fit for each student, and with career development and research, we can find that fit for all of our students. We not only help students get into college, but we create an exit strategy that best prepares them for the job market or graduate school. Ultimately, I’m excited to know that the work we do with our students leads them to their brightest future.

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