Yoshi Akutsu

As a college planning advisor at College Liftoff, I arm students with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions about college. When looking at careers with a student, all I ask for is that they tell me what exactly it is they are looking at and why they do or don’t like it. While cliche, I truly do believe knowledge is power. Knowing what’s out there and what you’re getting into allows for confidence and comfort. Those two are key to not only for succeeding in one’s chosen program, but also for satisfaction down the line.

Those are things I provide students. My curious, patient approach to college planning understands that asking questions to make students think deeply, and giving students adequate time to answer those is a real recipe for success. Each student is wholly capable of making the decision that is right for them. All they really need is a non-judgmental space where they can feel comfortable to be honest with themselves about how they fit into the world of work.

This approach comes from my experience working with foreign students after teaching EFL in Japan for a year and my own path studying liberal arts in college. In particular, I have come to know the importance of time for self-reflection. I personally found my love of education and intercultural communication through the process of studying deeply during undergrad. While interests change, with thoughtful observation over time we can find our right path. This rings just as true for me as it does for my students.That is why I am so happy to use College Liftoff’s careful guided process of college planning.

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